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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kembara ke bumi Sinchan, Doraemon dan segala jenis kartun lagi

1st day in Tokyo
Akhirnya aku dapat peluang melawat ke negara yg ku idam2kan selama ni..Jepun,yeah..even though it was a short trip but it will last forever in my heart hehe..when kak Tie asked me if i want to go to Japan with air plane ticket cost less than RM1000, i said "jom gi!". at that time i didn't take too much time to think about it bcoz time is ticking and people lined up to grab the chance. so on 13th of Jan 2011, i flew to Japan along with my sister and her naughty girl aged 2. we departed from LCCT at 3pm as it was behind schedule, and it took 7 hours to arrive at Haneda Airport. as soon as we landed, syahirah cheered happily "yeah..dah sampai", even though i'm not sure whether she realized or not where we were at that time. at first i didn't feel any different after got out of the plane, but after 3 minutes later before hopped on to the bus which will take us to the airport building, i started to feel the chill and my body started to shiver a little. syahirah was so happy to see the new surrounding compared to 7 hours stuck in the same seat before. after the immigration procedure we headed to the arrival gate and kak ma already there with her family. when we exit the building to the parking lot, syahirah turned back to the door bcoz of the cold breeze. it was freaking cold!! and i was just in my long sleeve t-shirt and a thin layer jacket, i can't stand for even 5 more minutes, and to make it worse we failed to find the right car..hahaha. it took us about 10 minutes until finally get in to the right one and feel a little bit warmer. every car in Japan has heater built in which is very relieving. we spent 1 & 1/2 hour to find the Turkish shop to have our supper, thanks to the unreliable Japanese speaking GPS. it was 1 degree Celsius at 1 am and we were eating OUTSIDE the shop. i can never believe how could they do business like that by letting us eat outside in the freezing cold night, but considering the kiosk's size and the price yes i can tolerate with it. we have delicious kebab, lamb and hot tea, alhamdulillah..then we headed to kak Ma's house which took us another almost 2 hours, thanks again to that genius GPS. it was really cold inside kak Ma's house we barely can sit on the floor not until the heater was functioned. after cleaned up a little bit (i didn't have the courage to shower,it took me half and hour to finish brushed my teeth) we dozed off with 3 layers clothes on , that's how our first day in Tokyo ended.

baru jumpa x sampai 10 min da blh ngam

we had supper infront of the small shop with temperature of 1 degree Celsius
2nd Day in Tokyo
I can't recall the resident of kak Ma's house. it was a small house just comfy enough for the 3 of them, it got packed with our visit. but i really admire their cute and clean toilet, i've never like toilet this much but it was clean plus it doesn't smell even with whatever business you're doing inside. the toilet has multiple buttons for separate functions and its bowl was heated automatically during winter so you can sit on it comfortably, but i bet the electrical bill quite expensive as most of the appliances in the house using power supply. So, our fist agenda for the day is do some shopping for winter clothing as we are going to the ski resort the next day. we took bus in front of kak Ma's campus which only take 5 minutes walk from her house, and transfered to train after that. it wasn't crowded because it wasn't peak hour.

Ameyayokocho..just like PS minus the rude people and the place was clean with so many things to buy with affordable price..Adidas, Nike, Citizen you name it, all are made in Japan..

after bought a new trousers and walked around a little, i didn't notice how fast the day has passed. i wonder because it was winter time, kak Ma's husband said the next shop we are going to go are closing at 5 pm, Wow! that is so soon, so we headed to the nearest railway station to perform the prayer in Ladies private room. it is actually for mothers to feed their babies or change diapers. and again i was so relieved to be in warm place. after that we headed to cottons shops to buy some as souvenirs to bring back to Malaysia. it was so cold as the time past to the evening and walking around just too much especially to Syahirah, she was tired and ended up on the stroller covered with blanket aside from thick jacket she had on. kak Ti and kak Ma still have the appetite to buy some kid's clothes, and i got myself a new black smart jacket ( that's what kak Ma said). it was a tiring as all 4 of them dozed off in the train, and i myself almost did the same even standing in the packed couch. back at the house we didn't take shower, we only bath in the morning which is contrast with the Japanese. they didn't bathed in the morning(eww) but take warm and relax bath after the day. i can't start my day without taking a bath first, typical Malaysian i guess.

macam2 pesen aqilah ni
taking picture in front of gambar train lama
in front of kak Ma's house
syahirah with muffler on her face..poor girl slept in a bitter cold winter
cmne nk baca ni??fenin..
cotton's shop with price range from 100yen/1 meter
there are so many train line in Tokyo, these are only the 2

3rd Day in Tokyo
we went out early at 8am because the journey to the ski resort takes 2 hours ride from Tokyo. we had our breakfast in the car, rice rolled with seaweed and stuffed with tuna (which is so good) and sausages (kak Ma said it is Halal bcoz it is from Indonesian Muslim shop, which i really hope it's truly Halal).

ni le dia convenience store Lawson Store 100

we slept
uring th
e whole 2 hours jo
urney, and lost again in the process of looking for the place until finally manage to arrive in 4 hours. after getting ready with the thick clothes, jackets, gloves, mufflers and shoes we went up to the Mount Hunter entrance. the name of the resort was taken from the Mountain in USA, Mount Hunter. so the ski resort creator in USA had created the ski resort with the same name in Japan. it was exciting to see the people skiing down the hills with confidence and skillful, i didn't dare to try afraid of the possible injury i might get by lack of experience and skill. Syahirah really enjoyed the day sliding down the ice with the motor that doesn't has motor on it. she redo it several times until i got tired and switched with kak Tie. they played around until 4 pm, and the day nearly ended, by 4.30 it was night as it is 7.30 in Malaysia. the snow fall heavily as it approached to night, we experience having ice cream in the cold weather, haha can you imagine that? it was actually quite soothing having something cold in a cold weather. and we had 2 ice creams, me and syahirah hehe. by 5pm we headed down from the hill as the snow fall heavily with extra careful driving. the tires also have been changed to snow condition tires or else we probably in the chasm at that time. i snapped few pictures and the situation at that time reminded me of the scenes in Winter Sonata, it was cold and sad, i can get the feeling in the story not that i felt sad after a blast day we had. we had sushi for dinner, it wasn't that super tasty, it just the same as i can get at Sushi King maybe because it is a cheaper restaurant.

baguih dok ada..hebat x kt luar salji makin lebat syahirah leh sedap mkn aiskrim, suge neh syahirah chan..

my winter sonata..

Last day in Tokyo
we went out at 10am along with our luggages as we don't have enough time to turn home for it. 1st we went to a nearby shopping complex because kak Ti needs to buy a jacket for our brother in law. while kak Ti & kak Ma look for the stuff, i was busy look out for the kids. it was tiring and embarrassing as i was running around try to control them from entering shops and touching any items displayed. after that we headed to Shibuya for last minute shopping to buy some souvenirs for family and friends. it is a great and busy place with so many tourists. the famous shop caters from electronics item, cameras to souvenirs. we kept our luggages in lockers that available in every subway station which i found very convenient. i wish Malaysia also provide the same thing. after a few stops, the clock showed 5pm. and 6pm we went to a Pakistan restaurant, Siddique's where we met 2 Malaysians who undergoing a course in Tokyo and also 2 Malaysians students who speak Japanese with the waiter!! of course they need to master the language in order to study in Japan but still it awwed me, it is awesome to speak fluently in foreign language. by 8.30pm we went back to the subway station for our luggages and took train to Haneda Airport. the two girls still jumping and playing around with little that they knew we are about to separate soon. after the check in procedure, it's time to say good bye to kak Ma's family. Aqilah cried so hard wanting to follow Kakak. about an hour later, we aboard and fly back to Malaysia. it was an enjoyable experience i had during my 4 days stay in Tokyo, aside from the technology they have, they also have good manners to be proud of. i always adore everything that came from Japan since i was in school, but experience it myself was amazing. there was a time at a subway station when me and kak Tie was taking our time to get on the escalator because Syahirah was on the stroller, so we need to turn it around before get on it. as we were doing that, we didn't realize that a few Japanese lined up behind us waiting to get a way, after asked kak Ti to move aside, a Japanese mid school student bowed to me 45 degrees as to say thank you. i was stunned by that situation, i realized that Japanese is way more polite and kind than Malaysian who we proud of our polite culture. i guess Japanese have more Asian good and polite quality in them, and some famous person has said that if there are Japanese who are Muslim, they will be a good and great Muslim. i love Japanese courtesy.

tempat ni best..penuh ngan kamera ngan byk lagi la..tp DSLR gak yg mencuri tumpuan ku
makan kat Siddique's, pakistan's restaurant, makanan sedap tp aku da xde selera
sofmap ni telecomunication provider also electronics retailer
suasana di bandar akihabara
this is the oldest sakura tree in Tokyo
shopping complex dekat ngn rumah kak Ma

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Annyeong hasaeyo..hehe korean plak kali ni..aku da malas nk citer pasal Beijing trip ni, so i just uploaded a few pictures at the Great Wall, it was Great indeed.i don't remember it's length but it's gonna take a month or more to conquer the wall and it doesn't start from 1 point and ends at 1 point, the wall have few gates or whatever they call it. so basically, the Great Wall was built across mountains to protect their country from the enemies esp the Mongolians.

a door that leads to another door and another door and finally to a window

this is the place for Beijinger newly wed couples come after their wedding ceremony to hang padlock across the wall as a symbolic to their love, the key to the padlock will be thrown down the hill so they can never find it again and the love will be unbreakable. Same goes to the love spot at Namsan Tower in Seoul where they hang padlocks, but it applies to all couples who are in love not just married couples